I was looking around in a gathering of coworkers the other day and realized that I was the only one among the 40 or so that marched in the Women’s March. Looking at them my mind started doing calculations about which ones voted for the precedent (that’s the only name I can bring myself to call “it” right now).  I could tick off about half of them that I’m pretty damn sure went to the dark side, a fourth of them were resistance fighters against the imperials, and a fourth of them are a mystery to me. I find myself doing these calculations whenever I am in a group of people these days. Maybe a matter of morbid curiosity or a dive into self-preservation and protection mode or a test of my ability to judge the content of a persons character, which I admit I have been wounded in that category since the “great unveiling of hate” that was the whole election circus.  But I digress.

I was the only one.  But at the March, my soul was lifted and my spirit was filled surrounded by 20,000 others who think and feel and act and believe and hope and despair like ME. I often wondered as a child sitting in a Southern Baptist Church watching the ‘holy spirit fill the believers’ exactly what that would feel like. Their faces would get this excited but peaceful look and their eyes would tear and their raised hands reached for something I could never see or understand. Not to sound all ‘blasphemy’, but I kinda get it now. I could feel the layers of doom, gloom, despair, depression and agony lifting. Seeds of inspiring hope and peace along with ideas of how to take steps forward to bring about change filled me up.  We were chanting and even started singing as we walked and my eyes began to tear as I looked around.  Fired up! Ready to go!   to singing We shall overcomb someday.. (insert sense of humor here) to walking past a very angry man with a Trump/Pence campaign sign chanting Love Trumps Hate,  it made my spirit soar, my fear melt away and my soul fill with pride and hope.

Our first march of many more marches to come.  As a good friend of mine said, “no hiding, we’ve got work to do.”