“Why are you going to the Women’s March?  I mean, it seems like a pretty dangerous thing to do.”

What do you say to that question to a person that you really don’t know very well and don’t have time or energy to give a huge explanation.  I think I probably just said “well, ah, because I want to”, or something to that effect, and walked away. Geeze, people.

Of course, as always, I have since thought of so many great answers that I SHOULD have said, if only my brain would of shifted into Drive instead of Neutral. My best rebuttal so far: “My life is a pretty dangerous thing to do, especially for the next 4 years, so I may as well”.

Let’s just start with my job as a career educator. Public school fine arts educator.  Betsy Devos, I assume, will be the new federal Secretary of Education and she is totally against public education.  For-profit conservative Christian religious (which I’m not) charter schools is what she has thrown her considerable billions behind for many, many years.  This liberal, career public educator, non-religious, lesbian is not going to find a place in the new world order of segregated, both racially and socio-economically, intolerant of LGBT adults, teachers and students charter schools.  Wary, helpless and hopeless? You betcha.

But wait.  There’s more. The republican take over of NC has now given us a brand new 33 year old lawyer as State Superintendent of Public Schools, again against public education and all about for-profit charter schools AND doesn’t believe in arts…….wait for it…….education!  There, my friends, is a republican “fuck you” double whammy that I’m sure must of been created just for me.

But wait, aren’t there some job protections for me? Well, in a word, no.   North Carolina’s HB2, the now infamous “Bathroom Bill” that wrote discrimination into law, has taken care of any pesky job protections, just for me! It made sure that “sexual orientation” was not included as a category of job protections, thus making it possible for me to be fired for being married (legally thanks to Obama) to my wife.

Looking more like a triple-whammy.

And that is just my job issues. There are more issues, but I’ll save those for another post.  I told someone once in a moment of despair after the election results that I felt like the forward steps that were made are all falling apart right on top of me and that the only way that republicans could hate me more is if I were an immigrant, Latina Muslim.  It is a pretty crappy way of telling myself that it could always be worse, and I’m so sorry to any lesbian, career public arts educator, liberal democrat, Latina Muslim out there, if you exist.  I feel your pain.

So, why am I marching? Because it is one thing that I can literally DO.  It’s a physical expression of resistance of the pile of suppression that has landed on me.  It’s a longing for being part of a group of women (and men) who share MY pain and grief about the election. It is standing up for myself and holding my head high with pride and love for myself, my life, my career, my children, and the love of my life – my wife.

Sure wish I could of said THAT.