I’ve just discovered the television series “HAPPYish” and the main female lead (wife, mother) played by Kathryn Hahn has the motto “Don’t fuck with my bubble”.  I’m stealing that and I’m creating a family bubble. My bubble will be filled with time spent on that long list of house projects, both inside and outside. And cooking those recipes I have been wanting to try but never found the time to devote either getting the ingredients together and/or allowing for cooking time before the “I’m starving” looks start shooting my way.  And reading, my bubble is going to be chock-full with a long list of books that I have waiting for me from sci fi to some great southern fiction to some historical fiction.   The dogs definitely need longer walks and so do I, my bubble will be full of long, sometimes meandering and sometimes meditative walks.  Work will even be in my bubble, but work that I am motivated to do.  More music will be in my bubble for sure, in many ways. The dusty guitar in the corner and the piano in the other corner, the french horn that I haven’t played in years and that little Ukulele waiting for me on the table, ALL in my bubble.  Even some extra time to play ’20 questions’ with the 14 year old to try and extract any information or conversation, in my bubble.  Long talks over many different types of wine with my wife, way in my bubble.  I am going to have the most wonderful, creative, loving bubble EVER.

Nothing is allowed in that will fuck with my bubble. No Facebook.  No North Carolina politics.  No national politics. Not the dismantling of public education, not the raping of the environment, not the possible wars that we are sure to “tweet” into, not the even mention of the Orange Baboon, not allowed in my bubble.  No homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, racism, misogyny or nazi-loving republicans are allowed in my bubble.

The feeling that I need to DO something before the GOP completely ruins this state and this country is so depressing and overwhelming that I just can’t internalize the impending disasters and the soul crushing resulting depression.  There IS nothing I can do at the moment.  I have a job that I can’t afford to be fired from, and being arrested for protesting at Moral Monday or in Washington D.C. will surely do that.  Hell, using a swear word on social media will do that, oops. See? I just don’t trust myself to not lose my temper if surrounded by a bunch of knuckle-dragging idiots, because I will throat punch and cuss like a sailor. Hard and loud.

It’s  either Xanex or my bubble. I’m not a addictive pharmaceuticals kinda person, so I will go with my bubble.

Help me out. Don’t fuck with my bubble.  Wish me luck and good luck making one of your own.

Bubble Peace,

Mrs. One