I didn’t look at Facebook or listen to NPR for two days.  Cold turkey.  My once progressive state has the most evil GOP super majority that instead of finally accepting that Roy Cooper was going to be the democratic Governor of NC, they lost their ever loving minds and passed all kinds of legislation while protesters were arrested for singing, humming and reminding them of their lost humanity.  I just couldn’t look at it anymore.  This is happening more frequently now that our democracy is almost dead. I also shut FB down immediately after the “election”, which is also when this joint blog between me and my wife was born.  Now, after my native state of North Carolina has lost all sense of the democratic process, I had to take another break.  It may be a long break.  Depends on what happens tomorrow.

Tomorrow the Electoral College of the USA votes.  Now that we have an official CIA report of Russian hacking in order to get tRump elected, and the FBI agrees with the CIA.  We now know that The Don Reality Show cabinet is in every instance the antithesis of the job which they are entrusted.  The orange one continues to tweet insults to magazines (Vanity Fair), citizens (Union President), comedy shows (SNL) and even goading China (unpresidential? Why, YES! Your ARE!).   To be sure I am not the only one who is mortified beyond belief and worried for the safety of our children in a future world where this bumbling idiot is sure to get us into a war via a tweet? Right? I mean, the ELECTORS must be reasonably intelligent people who are also looking at the end of the world as we know it, definitely the end of democracy and beginning of a kleptocracy?  At what point do the Electoral College members look at everything combined, even without the CIA and the FBI saying that Comrad Putin is fully in charge, and have a heart?  Could it be? Is there a small glimmer of a possibility that the madness will end tomorrow and sanity begin to retake this country?

“Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.  And then, the true meaning of Christmas came through and the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinch’s, plus two!”