“I think you need to write. You need a way to say what you are feeling”, said my wife as I sat blubbering through tears pierced by intermittent rages of indignation mixed with outbursts of total hopelessness.  It was about 4 days post-election and I had just received my first threatening message via Facebook private message from some man who I did not even know.  How is it possible to feel absolutely betrayed by family, coworkers and the human race in general that voted for the orange buffoon and now add to that betrayal now fear of our safety from some hate filled stranger?   Let’s add on top of that the danger that now my job/career may be in jeopardy because, as an “out” lesbian with a habit of speaking her mind  I now find myself facing the fact that 74% of my small town voted for a reality show star .  I found out on the following Monday just how real that fear was, and how my ability to have real freedom of speech will have to wait a few more years until I can retire from said job.

But I digress, back to the bathtub.  So, my loving and very patient wife suggested that we shut down the Facebook page that was ground zero of the threatening private message and start a blog where I can write and work out all of the angst and sadness that fills my head now since the ‘great republican take-over’ has begun.  I hope to be able to add my real name at some point, but not now in the current community and environment that I have to live and work within.  Please be patient, and I do hope that something that I write can help someone else struggling with the same issues.

Oh, and we did start our own Facebook page as well under the same name -Mrs.Mrs.Missives.